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The Democrats have created Frankenstein

The 2020 election came down to one unmentionable issue.

We were being held hostage by the “woke” mob. One candidate, President Donald Trump, refused to pay the ransom. The other candidate, Joseph Biden, based his entire platform on paying the ransom. In short, Biden used the mob to eek out what may be a victory (if Biden’s numbers hold steady after the fraudulent ballots are thrown out during the imminent legal wrangling).

The good news is that while Democrat Party policies are harmful to our Republic, the Democrats aren’t suicidal. They will use their misguided policies in an attempt to bring as much prosperity as possible. This includes bringing prosperity to their globalist elites through crony capitalism and bringing prosperity to others through government dependency. And they will try to keep everyone else distracted by appealing to their grievances and pointing the finger at perceived enemies: white men; Republicans; Israel; Russia (when it suits them); homophobes; and Christians.

Basically, we’ll be going back to more of the same under the Obama Administration. While this is frustrating, it’s not entirely scary. We’re all accustomed to this.

In the end, a political party is in the business of one thing and one thing only: winning elections. They seek to cast as wide a net as possible. Republicans cast a wide net using the country’s founding Constitutional principles. The Democrats cast a wide net by appealing to identity politics and each group’s perceived grievances.

Occasionally, the Democrats get tripped up in this pursuit. For example, it’s difficult to appeal simultaneously to radical Islam and LGBTQ. Many LGBTQ have caught on to this contradiction. Additionally, Democrats cater to BLM and they can’t simultaneously express sympathy to working-class white men, but they attempt to thread the needle by playing class warfare.

The assumption all along among Democrat Party leaders and their deep state allies was that once Biden won, the mob would disappear. They assumed that they were “progressive enough” to control BLM and Antifa. The problem with this scenario is that Democrats have created Frankenstein. They fed the monster, and they will keep feeding the monster so that it stays full.

What does this mean?

The worst-case scenario is that we will lose our Republic through open borders, lawlessness and stacking the deck in a way that brings one-party control in perpetuity. In this scenario, our country will begin to collapse in a similar fashion to Venezuela. There are too many RINOs who believe this is impossible because they lack imagination and an understanding of world history. Strong and powerful countries come and go.

The best-case scenario is that the pendulum will swing so far back to the right that we will usher in a Republican leader who makes Trump look like a moderate. RINOs hate Trump because he speaks loudly, even though he carries a small stick. In the end, he never got the job done because he was afraid to wield power through the executive branch and he was afraid to overrule the alphabet soup of government agencies. The next Republican president will show no such restraint.

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